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Fooey to the World: Festivus Is Come

Fooey to the World: Festivus Is Come

GATHER around the Festivus pole and listen to a tale about a real holiday made fictional and then real again, a tale that touches on philosophy, King Lear, the pool at the Chateau Marmont hotel, a paper bag with a clock inside and, oh yes, a television show about nothing. 

The first surprise is that from Tampa Bay, Fla., to Washington, from Austin, Tex., to Oxford, Ohio, many real people are holding parties celebrating Festivus, a holiday most believe was invented on an episode of "Seinfeld" first broadcast the week before Christmas in 1997.

"More and more people are familiar with what Festivus is, and it's growing," said Jennifer Galdes, a Chicago restaurant publicist who organized her first Festivus party three years ago. "This year many more people, when they got the invite, responded with, `Will there be an airing of the grievances and feats of strength?' "

Those two rituals — accusing others of being a disappointment and wrestling — are traditions of Festivus as explained on the show by the character Frank Costanza. On that episode he tells Kramer that he invented the holiday when his children were young and he found himself in a department store tug of war with another Christmas shopper over a doll. "I realized there had to be a better way," Frank says.

So he coined the slogan "A Festivus for the rest of us" and formulated the other rules: the holiday occurs on Dec. 23, features a bare aluminum pole instead of a tree and does not end until the head of the family is wrestled to the floor and pinned.

The actual inventor of Festivus is Dan O'Keefe, 76, whose son Daniel, a writer on "Seinfeld," appropriated a family tradition for the episode. The elder Mr. O'Keefe was stunned to hear that the holiday, which he minted in 1966, is catching on. "Have we accidentally invented a cult?" he wondered.
To postulate grandly, the rise of Festivus, a bare-bones affair in which even tinsel is forbidden, may mean that Americans are fed up with the commercialism of the December holidays and are yearning for something simpler. Or it could be that Festivus is the perfect secular theme for an all-inclusive December gathering (even better than Chrismukkah, popularized by the television show "The O.C."). Or maybe, postulating smally, it's just irresistibly silly.

Interpretations of the holiday's rules differ among Festivus fundamentalists. Take the pole. On the show Frank Costanza says it must be aluminum and "it requires no decoration." But he does not specify what should hold it up nor its exact height.

Krista Soroka, 33, the host of a annual Festivus party in Tampa Bay, sank her five-footer into a green plastic pot filled with sand this year. "It's just an aluminum pole," she said, "like Frank says.'
After her party last year, she gave each of the 100 guests a miniature: a two-inch-tall ceramic pot filled with plaster of paris with a nail sticking out of the center.

Mike Osiecki, 26, a financial analyst in Atlanta, scheduled his Festivus gathering for friends and colleagues for Friday. He said his pole, which he bought for $10 at Home Depot, is suspended by fishing line on his porch, so "people can stare at it or dance around it if they want to."

Aaron Roberts, 28, a zoology graduate student in Oxford, Ohio, unscrewed a post from a set of metal shelves and sank it through the top of a cardboard box with weights inside.

In Chicago, Ms. Galdes anchored her six-and-a-half-footer in a Christmas tree stand. "This year I am not having a tree," she said.

Scott McLemee, a writer, and his wife, Rita Tehan, had no pole at all at their party in the Dupont Circle neighborhood in Washington. They are two of the Festivus faithful who held their parties early in December before friends headed home for more traditional affairs.

Both Dan O'Keefe and his son bless the variations. The original Festivus was constantly in flux.
"It was entirely more peculiar than on the show," the younger Mr. O'Keefe said from the set of the sitcom "Listen Up," where he is now a writer. There was never a pole, but there were airings of grievances into a tape recorder and wrestling matches between Daniel and his two brothers, among other rites.

"There was a clock in a bag," said Mr. O'Keefe, 36, adding that he does not know what it symbolized.
"Most of the Festivi had a theme," he said. "One was, `Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?' Another was, `Too easily made glad?' "

His father, a former editor at Reader's Digest, said the first Festivus took place in February 1966, before any of his children were born, as a celebration of the anniversary of his first date with his wife, Deborah. The word "Festivus" just popped into his head, he said from his home in Chappaqua, N.Y.

The holiday evolved during the 1970's, when the elder Mr. O'Keefe began doing research for his book "Stolen Lightning" (Vintage 1983), a work of sociology that explores the ways people use cults, astrology and the paranormal as a defense against social pressures.

Festivus, with classic rituals like familial gatherings, totemic-but-mysterious objects and respect for ancestors, slouched forth from this milieu. "In the background was Durkheim's `Elementary Forms of Religious Life,' " Mr. O'Keefe recalled, "saying that religion is the unconscious projection of the group. And then the American philosopher Josiah Royce: religion is the worship of the beloved community."

If Mr. O'Keefe is the real father of Festivus, Jerry Stiller, the actor who played Frank Costanza, George Costanza's father, is its Santa Claus.
"I'll take that mantle," Mr. Stiller said in an interview from poolside at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where he was awaiting the premiere of "Meet the Fockers," a new film featuring his real son, Ben Stiller. "I'll wear my crown."

Mr. Stiller, 77, has his own interpretation of the Festivus rituals as portrayed on the "Seinfeld" episode, especially the feats of strength, which end with a wrestling match between him and George.

"It was another kind of way with dealing with something else that was going on at the time: the rebelliousness of the son against the father and the father trying to prove he was still stronger than the son," he said. "It was like King Lear." (In this case, though, the old man wins.)

Infused as Festivus is with so much potential meaning, it is not far-fetched to imagine it as a permanent part of the American holiday firmament, said Anthony F. Aveni, a professor of astronomy and anthropology at Colgate and the author of "The Book of the Year: A Brief History of Our Seasonal Holidays" (Oxford University Press, 2002). After all, Halloween used to be an obscure festival observed by few, Kwanzaa was invented by an academic in California in the 1960's, and Hanukkah has been reinvented in modern times to include gift-giving. "Even Christmas comes out of a pagan holiday that happened around the solstice," Professor Aveni said.

The holiday does seem to be evolving.

The Festivus party to be given in Austin on Christmas Eve eve by Katherine Willis, an actress, and her husband is to include a backyard game of "pitching washers."

"There's basically a hole in the ground," she said. "You try to throw the washers in the hole, and apparently the more you drink the better you get at it."

A Web site she has set up,, provides downloads of a feats of strength challenge card, a list of grievances form and Festivus greeting cards, including one that reads, in a Hallmark-like typeface, "You're a disappointment! Happy Festivus!" Another Web site,, offers Festivus e-mail cards.

Ms. Soroka, in Tampa Bay, who has guests write their grievances in a ledger so she can show it at parties all year long, has added karaoke this year.

Some things just grow. "Last year," said Ms. Galdes of Chicago, "there was break dancing. I don't know how that happened."
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Diners Called 'Fat Girls' On Check From Chilly D's Restaurant (VIDEO)

The dinner bill for three friends at Chilly D's Restaurant stung, but it wasn't the price - printed on the top of the receipt were the words "Fat Girls".
"I got the bill, I was looking at bill [and] I was like, 'Why does this receipt say 'fat girls?'" customerChristine Duran said.

Not an actual diner photograph*or a Hooters Girl (belonging to the present time; happening or being used or done now.)

The friends had dined out at the Stockton, Calif., restaurant, which is a part of the Cameo Casino Restaurant, on Thursday. The bill lists charges for three tri-tips with fries and three sodas, for a total of $25.50. A bartender named Jeff had apparently typed in "Fat Girls" to keep track of their bill. 
When Duran asked a manager for an explanation, he "had like a smirk on his face, like it was funny but trying not to laugh," she said.
Plus-Sized College Student Claims Discrimination at Bar
The dining experience went from bad to worse when the restaurant demanded they still pay the bill, offering them a 25 percent discount and then a 50 percent discount. They declined both offers.
In a Facebook message overnight, Maggie Lewis, the Cameo Club Casino owner, apologized and said the insulting treatment Duran and her friends had received is "intolerable in our establishment."
Jimmy Siemers, co-owner of Chilly D's, didn't work the night Duran and her friends received the offensive receipt, but he said he is trying to clean up the mess.
"I just want to tell them we're sincerely sorry and we'll do everything in our power to make sure this never happens to anyone again," he said.
It's certainly not the first time customers have been insulted on receipts.
In January, a Papa John's employee was fired after writing "Lady Chinky Eyes" on a receipt to identify an Asian customer.
A Maryland woman was insulted at a RadioShack in March when she purchased a cassette tape adapter and left with a receipt that read "ugly itch" from "tattoville," referring to the tattoos on her arm in memory of a child lost to SIDS and her deceased mother.
"Based on descriptions we've seen in the media, this incident obviously does not meet RadioShack's expectations for customer service," Eric Bruner, a spokesman for RadioShack told ABC News. "RadioShack responded immediately after seeing reports in the media, taking the strongest possible disciplinary actions." It is against company policy to discuss individual personnel matters but the company has taken the "strongest action available" in response to the issue, the spokesman said.
On Saturday, Chilly D's posted an apology on its Facebook page over the insulting bill.
[...] I completely understand why they were hurt by what was written on their receipt and that type of treatment isn't tolerated. Also there will be no tolerance in the future, guaranteed. Everyone is welcome in our establishment, my family built this business so that the community of Stockton would have a safe and fun place to hang out and come together. My hope is to heal our newly tarnished reputation so that everyone feels safe and welcome again. And if these ladies would like to meet with my family and I, so that we can personally apologize, we would really like to do that, because we do not want anyone to have an experience like this.
Maggie Lewis, owner of Cameo Club Casino, also apologized and said such insulting treatment is “intolerable in our establishment," according to ABC News.

The Comic Adventures of Insult 

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Major Change at Nazarene Radio Network

Who is Christopher Walter Fredrickson and his leader James Scott Trimm? 

 The Nazarene Radio Network

A respected Rabbi once said; "No one should read anything by James Trimm unless they are doing a study on false religions."

Major Change at Nazarene Radio Network 
[update 12/9/2012]

"The 5th Edition Aramaic English New Testament Interview?"



"The Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism"??? 

“Thankfully, God has been raising up a whole new Family of

 Believers who don't subscribe to religious bigotry or 

backstabbing as a "ministry".”

Most of us have heard about the pastor who was known for his great humility. In fact, he was so humble that his church gave him a medal for his humility and the first time he wore the medal the church took it away from him.

Many religious people are very proud of their humility! They flaunt it for all to see!  

There is one simple guiding principle about humility: It involves not having the need to be or appear to be more than we are. 

A hypocrite is one who pretends to be better than he really is; a humble person is content with being who he really is. 

A proud person is un-teachable, he thinks “he knows it all,” whereas a humble person has a teachable attitude. He knows he doesn’t know it all.

Do you know anyone who has a “know it all” attitude? Are they liked? Probably not. Are proud people good listeners? Usually not. Do proud people inspire loyalty in you? Probably not. Do proud people learn what God wants them to learn? No, they are not teachable. Do proud people know that others don’t like them before it’s too late? Usually not. Do proud people experience God’s Divine Light in their lives? Absolutely not!

Viewing failure as a friend and constructive criticism as a gift to help you improve.

Antisemitic Nonsense of Nazerene Radio Network

Major Change at Nazarene Radio Network

Posted by James Trimm on September 6, 2012 at 12:00am

First of all I want to thank Christopher Fredrickson for his dedication as programming director of the Nazarene Radio Network for over a year now.  Chris has put in many hours of volunteer work each week and we greatly appreciate it.  In what Chris described as a "tough decision" he has decided after the 15th to leave NRN, to pursue other things.  The station has just become to time consuming for him to continue running.  Again we want to thank Chris for all of his efforts to build NRN.  

As of the 15th of the month, I will be taking over operations of the Nazarene Radio Network directly and I will be serving as programming director.  

We will continue to have quality programming, with quality teaching 24/7, we will also continue to have Old Time Radio on Sundays, and even have some new ideas for the future. 

Now more than ever we need your financial support.  

Donations have been very low the last couple of weeks.  The fact is that it costs money to carry on (the four letter name)[4] work. And today's high-tech world is making it possible like never before for us to reach vast masses over great distances virtually instantaneously!
The proclamation of the restoration truth of Torah and Messiah is a task of gigantic proportions, but it requires money. (the four letter name)[4]  , in His infinite wisdom has provided for this financing, and in such manner that His true called laborers can be free to serve Him alone, carrying His Message boldly. Just as we would expect, this plan is plainly revealed in His Word.

HaSatan hates the tithe, he wants to steal the blessings that (the four letter name) has in store for us, and he wants to destroy the work of (the four letter name)[4]  . He is terrified at the thought of Nazarenes all over the world tithing. If we wish to stand against HaSatan we must start by getting serious about the Tithe. Go ahead... test (the four letter name)[4]  and see if he does not repay you seven fold in His blessings! [3]

HaSatan  [3] wishes "to steal and to kill and to destroy" (Jn. 10:10) and he knows the time is short and has stepped up his war with those who proclaim both Torah Observance and Faith in Messiah (the two pillars of Nazarene Judaism) (Rev. 12:12, 17; 13:7). But no weapon forged against us will prosper (Is. 54:17).

Help us keep the vision alive!

To pay a tithe or give a freewill offering, go to $$$.COM click on the Pay Pal box and give as He has given you. (You can also donate directly thru PayPal by sending paypal donations to donations

Check out the blog post 'Important Message from James Trimm'
Shalom Chaverim,
The enemy will do everything he can to keep you from reading this email. Perhaps he already has. [3]
I need your help.  I am asking you to step up to the plate and:

Support NazareneSpace.[1]
Support the Nazarene Radio Network.
Support the Worldwide Nazarene Assembly of Elohim.
Support our research on Hebrew and Aramaic New Testament Origins
Support our outreach to bring Jewish people to Messiah. [2]
Support our new outreach to the Hasidic Jewish Community.
Support our call to Christendom to come out of Babylon.
Support the Davar Bible School free Corespondance Course.
Support the Restoration of the Ancient Sect of the Nazarenes!

Help us keep the vision alive!

We have an electric bill due and must pay by Monday to avoid shut off.  We must raise at least $300 to keep the power on.

We are seven days into September, 25% into the month, and only $200 has come into our paypal account so far this month!  I cannot recall a time when donations were this low.

If you can make a one time donation of $500 or $1,000 dollars to support this work, now is the time to step up to the plate, as we are in a budget shortfall.

Do not count on someone else to do your part, you do your part.

Is this work worthy of your support? What other ministry provides this kind of teaching?

What other ministry is reaching the Jewish people with Messiah like this ministry is?

Now is time to step up to the plate!

"Do not attach yourself to the earth, and con men who masquerade as holy men. Such men claim to have the answer when, in reality, they only seek to control while acquiring disciples and fame. They will wreak havoc in your life and you will end up miserable. Unfortunately, most forms of spirituality available today provide man with illusion and deception of an untrue reality. They twist the perception of those who are vulnerable and mentally weak, and create the necessary illusions that will support their unhealthy illusionary wish that creates comfort within their hearts and minds. The wise among us turn away from false prophets and practices, and turn our attention and intuition toward HaShem." 

Definition of FRAUD

a : deceittrickeryspecifically : intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal rightb : an act of deceiving or misrepresenting : trick
a : a person who is not what he or she pretends to be :impostoralso : one who defrauds : cheatb : one that is not what it seems or is represented to be

Published on Dec 9, 2012
Christopher talks with Andrew Gabriel Roth (The Translator of the Aramaic English New Testament) about what makes this translation different than the Greek based and other Hebrew Roots Bibles. They discuss the history of the Khabouris Codex, how it was translated to English, and what prompted Andrew to translate the New Testament from the Aramaic.
(Part 2, which will be posted later, deals with the translation errors in the Greek)
Purchase the AENT at: (In Australia)
Use the Promo Code: NazareneMedia and get a discount on the 5th edition of the AENT from December 10th-December 17th 2012

[2]  Jews have nothing to convert to nor from! Jews are the eternally Elect of HaShem. They have not and will not ever be replaced (Malachi 3:6). . This is Roman Nicene Christian Dogma. See:  The Constantine Creed  

Judaism does not view the word “Satan” with the same connotation as other religions. Satan in Judaism is not a physical being, ruling the underworld or hell.

Tempted By A Tiny Spark Of Light

Question: How is it possible that someone could use Kabbalah and the Torah egoistically? Can someone who doesn't possess a spiritual screen and the force of bestowal draw the force of the Upper Light for his own sake? Isn't there is a whole system of worlds and restrictions to prevent us from receiving the Light egoistically?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: If you pick up
 the Torah and wish to receive power from it, you will get it since you are reading the primary source related to the spiritual world. It was written by a person who was in the process of attaining the Upper World. If you use it individually, in order to fill your egoism, for the sake of your own purposes, then you are using only a miniscule amount of the force it contains.

Even still, we do see how much more egoistical it makes people when the place of the "mistress" is taken by the "handmaid." A person not only doesn't receive correction from it, he becomes even worse! He thinks that now he owns this world and the future one, and that he deserves a reward; he feels proud before others and considers himself a chosen one, who is above them.

It is the Torah who is doing this to him; it becomes a deadly narcotic for such person. If, however, he wishes to use the Torah correctly, he does so in the group that builds itself as a common soul, as written about when receiving the Torah: as one man with one heart. This is the kind of engagement for which the Torah is given; otherwise, we are warned: In it there will be the place of your (spiritual) death!

The Daily Page - 3rd March 2010

See: Shaking Down the Sheep Nazerene Style